Friday, June 29, 2007

It's a Spiceworld After All

As you've probably heard by now, pop group The Spice Girls made international happy news yesterday by announcing that they were getting back together and going on tour! One word for ya: SWEET. Let me tell ya why I love The Spice Girls. First, they are silly and goofy and they know it and they are just out to have fun with their music. Second, they put out two CD's of pure upbeat happy pop music at a time when the whole record industry was putting out dark, depressing grunge music. They brought fun back to music! Third, they made one of the greatest films of all time SPICEWORLD. Number four, there was a ton of silly merchandising out featuring the girls including dolls, action figures, stickers, name it and there was a Spice Girls version of it.

The Spice Girls 11-city tour brings them to the U.S. for three shows. They will be in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York in early December 2007. I'm already working on getting tickets to one of the cities shows. (If your interested in the journey, let me know!)

I saw The Spice Girls live in the summer of 1998. If you want, you can read all about it on a web page I made nine years ago for no particular reason.

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Ladytink_534 said...

I was a big Spice Girl fan when they first came out (I think I was 12?). Obviously the person who lived in my parents old house did too because they're names were written in puffy paint on the walls in the smaller bedroom. I showed my love for them by living in a smaller bedroom than I could have had for about 3 years and then they went and broke up on me!

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