Thursday, November 05, 2009

See A Free Movie Tonight

The only thing better than a good movie is a free good movie! That's why we're pretty excited to partner up with General Mills Cereal to give you a chance to see a the theater...for free! Actually, there's two ways you can catch a movie for free. Inside specially marked packages of General Mills’ Cereals you'll find a code. When you enter two codes into the General Mills website, you'll be able to print a free movie certificate good for admission to any movie. Pretty sweet, eh!? You know General Mills cereals...Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, Trix and my personal favorite Reese’s Peanut Butter Puffs.

Here's another way you can get your mitts on some free movie tix. To get the word out about their new See A Free Movie Tonight! promotion, General Mills is giving one lucky WWoB reader a Movie Moments prize package featuring Four Free Movie Tickets and a Free Coupon for a General Mills Cereal! (The movie tickets are good at almost any theatre in the country.) All you have to do is leave a comment (or send an e-mail) telling us about the first time your parents took you to the movies or the first time you took your kids to the movies. You don't have to get real creative, just a sentence or two will do. We'll pick a winner at random from all the entries received before 11:59pm Friday, November 13, 20009.

This isn't me sending you something I got out of a cereal box, folks! This is a real prize package provided by the good folks at General Mills. We're your favorite website for stuff about movies and breakfast cereals, now the two worlds are colliding. WWoB is taking a little step up in the Internet universe, how do ya like that!? Maybe now someone will listen to my idea for a Count Chocula movie!


amy said...

The first time I took my kids to the movies was a couple of summers ago for free Wednesday movies. It was a great introduction to the sit-still-in-the-dark concept since the theater was full of other loud, squirmy kids!

brian from ca said...

My mom and dad went to see Star Wars on the night of September 9th, 1977, and I was born the following morning! (Not that it had any lasting effects, of course.)

May the Force be with you!
-Brian Kaiser,
Jedi Knight for over 30 years

Jason said...

My dad took me to see Star Wars when I was way too young to remember it. But then he bought me a huge box of Star Wars action figures, which I guess he thought I was abusing, so he took them away from me and put them in storage.

Then he gave them back to me when I was in college. That may be the most awesome gift I've ever received.

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