Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vintage Cereal: Inside and Out

We like to think of ourselves as big cereal fans here at WWoB. And of course, we love all things old school. So, we were pretty excited to get a heads up on these new...or should I say old, cereal box designs that General Mills is rolling out exclusively at Target this month. They are indeed pretty cool and a extra warm, fuzzy way to start off any day. We didn't receive much information beyond the time and place, but the picture provided above does indicate that they are also throwing in some retro prizes inside these specially marked packages! The cereal premium has been a dying art form for many years and perhaps General Mills is on to something that some good ol' fashioned free prizes might jump start sales a bit!

I'm very anxious to see what goodies are in store with a box of Cheerios. Besides the fact that I've pretty much regulated my daily morning diet to a bowl of Cheerios and some yogurt, the Cheerios box features their one-time spokesmoose Bullwinkle J. Moose! Bullwinkle used to appear in commercials for the cereal as well as make often appearances on their box. A Bullwinkle themed prize would be the cat's meow...don't you think.

You'll also notice on the Honey Nut Cheerios box there is an Atari 2600, the greatest video game system of all time. My Internet research indicates that it's actually the new Atari Flashback 2 which is pictured. It's a new Plug n' Play system that duplicates the look and feel of the old Atari with 40 games programmed into it. Honey Nut Cheerios is running a contest where you can win one of these old school retro Ataris as well as a pretty neat looking Atari prize pack. Keep your eyes open for details on that!

Another interesting sidenote that I discovered about these boxes...while the art work and design is retro, by law the photographs of the actual product on the box must be up to date. So you might be looking at the 1950's Trix Rabbit, but he's eating a bowl of 2010 cereal. As long as the cereal inside isn't from's all good!

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