Thursday, March 04, 2010

Jersey Wonderland

Last summer I shared quite a few pictures from my trip to Storybook Land in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. I did a post about the park in general, which you can read here. I also did a separate article on Storybook Land's really neat Alice In Wonderland walk-through attraction, which you can revisit by clicking here. Today I'm including a handful of pictures that I took but didn't use in my original post. The picture on the right is a shot of the "underground" portion of the Alice in Wonderland attraction. This igloo-like tunnel if fairly visible from within the park, but you don't really notice it when entering the Alice attraction from it's entrance.

Recently, Storybook Land added a Tea Cups ride which they installed directly across from their Alice in Wonderland walk-through. The park has themed the mini-area into a Wonderland of it's own. Here's the funky caterpillar sitting atop his mushroom in the gardens surrounding the Tea Cups ride.

In the Alice attraction, kids slide down the rabbit hole via a sliding board. As you can see from the art work on the wall, Disney's Alice movie was a HEAVY influence on this show.

More Disney "inspired" artwork...

Here's an additional shot of the elaborate card maze that serves as the exit to the underground walking experience.

And finally, a shot of my kids getting off the Tea Cups ride. The ride is a pretty standard model Tea Cup ride, but the park has decorated nicely to fit in with the Alice theme.
As I said last summer, Storybook Land is a true hidden jem! You would do you and your family a favor by making plans to visit this summer. Their 2010 season begins March 27!

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