Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Waterfalls Aren't Worth $250

My wife and I spent the past weekend in Tampa, Florida to attend the wedding of her best friend from high school. We decided to splurge and stay at a really nice hotel, the Marriott Suites Clearwater Beach on Sand Key, because we don't get away from the kids EVER and the hotel had this really cool looking pool with a waterfall. For some reason, Jennifer and I have this thing for waterfalls and we've always wanted to go someplace where we would have a waterfall at our disposal.

Well, the waterfall wasn't all the fun we thought it would be. What do you do with a waterfall!? You stand under it for a minuet or so and then you cross it off your list of things you'd like to do before you die!!?

We had a nice time in Florida, however. As I mentioned Sunday, instead of the Ford Tarus we had rented online, we upgraded to a sporty little convertible which was a ton of fun! We had some good eats at this cool little place on the water called Sculley's and did some shopping in the adjoining village of John's Pass.

The wedding Saturday night was on the sands of Clearwater Beach. The ceremony was right at sunset and the picturesque backdrop could not have been more beautiful.

We spent the day Sunday mostly relaxing around the hotel. Jen took a nap in the afternoon and I almost drove to Walt Disney World, but the guy at the front desk told me it was probably about a 2 1/2 hour drive so instead I paid $12.00 to watch Date Movie on the in-room movie service!

I snapped tons of pictures of Clearwater Beach, the wedding, our hotel and some other cool stuff we saw while we were down there. You can see all two pages worth of pictures in the Photo Album.

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