Thursday, May 18, 2006

What's The Deal With That Don Henley Song

Seriously, what's the deal with that Don Henley song "Boys of Summer"?!?!? I heard it on the radio today for what must have been the 100,000,000th time and I had to think...Does anyone really need to hear this song again!? It's not that it's a bad song, or that they play it all the time, it's just that radio stations have NEVER stopped playing it like it was still on the charts! Most 80's songs went away and then came back when 80's music was retro...but not that Don Henley song, that song has been sitting in a CD player on standby in every radio station in the country for the last 20 years! And every station plays it too...pop, soft rock, classic rock, easy listening, mix can't escape it!

O.K. Don Henley, We Get It! The summer is over and you miss some girl you hooked up with! Get over it!

They should have a show like "American Idol" except every year we all vote on one song to have locked in a underground vault for 100 years! Some other contestants on the show could be any song from the 80's by Heart or Steve Winwood.

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John said...

The BBC had a show called "Room 101" where a celebrity would vote on 10 things to go into the vault & never be heard from again.... It was comedy gold!

Mobile Version Now Available!.

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