Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mouse Around the House - Holiday Edition

Any time of the year you would be hard pressed to look in any direction in our house and NOT see Mickey Mouse looking back at ya. During the holiday season, there are even more Mickeys around our home...

This is a giant animated Mickey plane that rocks back and forth, lights up and has a spinning propeller. It's huge! My wife gave it to me the first year we were dating and apologized to my mother for bringing it into her house. Now, it sits in my wife's living room. It actually hasn't been out for a while, so it was nice to see Mickey fly again this holiday season!

This is our tree topper. I was blown away years ago when my folks ok'ed this replacing the traditional angel on top of our family tree.

This is a cool stocking hanger. The scene is a 3D replica of a picture that was on the front of the Disney studio Christmas card in the early 30's.

This is nothing more than a piece of cardboard that I picked up at a dollar store 15 years ago, but it's one of my favorite decorations. I'm a big fan of the simple schoolroom style decorations. I some how got the green light this year to graduate it from the playroom to the living room!

Our front door. Happy Holidays!

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Laura said...

These are really fun. Love your big light-up Mickey outside. :)

Best wishes,

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