Monday, September 11, 2006

Lt. John Williamson - A 9/11 Memorial

On a serious note today we're taking part in the 2,996 Project, a tribute to all the innocent people that died five years ago today during the terrorist attacks on New York and D.C. Bloggers participating in this event have been given a 9/11 victim to pay tribute to. Here at Wonderful World of Blog we are paying tribute to Lt. John Williamson, a New York City Firefighter from battalion 6 who lost his life at the World Trade Center. Williamson was among the 343 brave firefighters who lost their lives that day trying to save the lives of others. I can't offer you much more information on Lt. John Williamson other than he was from Warwick, NY. But we do know that he, and others like him, were courageous in a time of absolute chaos and his life made a huge difference on September 11, 2001.

Lt. John Williamson
1955 - 2001

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